Cyngn Brings Increased Safety and Efficiency to the Mining Industry

DriveMod offers substantial benefits for the mining industry, including improved efficiency and safety.

It can help reduce the need for human labor in dangerous or remote locations and lower the risk of accidents and injuries. Its advanced technology allows for reliable operation in challenging environments, and it can also help reduce variability in reconciliation.

DriveMod can help mining companies increase productivity and safety while reducing costs.

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Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Industrial vehicles running DriveMod have been shown to boost productivity and increase ROI.

Studies have shown our autonomous industrial vehicles increase productivity by up to 33%, freeing workers to focus on other crucial tasks. Plus, they provide a noticeable return on investment, making them a smart choice for businesses looking to improve operations.


Reduce Variability in Reconciliation

Using advanced technology to track and record the movement and quantities of materials, DriveMod can help reduce errors and discrepancies in reconciliation.

This can lead to more efficient and accurate reconciliation, helping mining operations maintain financial integrity and improve overall profitability.


Keep Your People Safe

Safety is a major concern in the mining industry, where the fatality rate is more than three times higher than the average for all industries (NIOSH).

The advanced sensors and navigation technology used by our autonomous vehicles allow for reliable and safe operation in challenging environments.

Automating the transportation of materials and equipment not only reduces the need for human labor in dangerous or remote locations but also the risk of accidents and injuries. 


Transform Any Vehicle into an Autonomous Robot

DriveMod is designed to be vehicle-agnostic, meaning it can be integrated into nearly any industrial vehicle, including the highly specialized vehicles commonly used in mining.

With Cyngn, you can expect reliable and safe autonomous operation in a wide range of mining applications, including transportation of materials and equipment and drilling operations.

A Flexible and Low-Risk Way to Deploy Autonomous Vehicles

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With Cyngn’s Robotics as a Service offering, you can easily bring self-driving capabilities to your organization without a large upfront investment or long-term contracts. In today's economy, it's more important than ever to be able to adapt quickly, and our RaaS model allows you to do just that. Uncertainty about the future shouldn’t hold you back.

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Cyngn Autonomy in Action

"The bottom line is DriveMod has made us more productive. Instead of manually moving goods through the warehouse, our team can stay focused on picking, packing, and other high-value assignments."

Kenn Morris
Kenn Morris
VP at Global Logistics & Fulfillment

"Cyngn unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. We’re excited for increased profitability and to get to market faster than competitors."

joe peterson
Joseph Peterson
GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau