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Cyngn is built on the belief that industrial autonomous vehicles are not only the future, but also the present. In fact, these technologies are already transforming the way organizations get work done. For our dealers, we offer significant incentives and generous revenue sharing opportunities.

Our technology integrates with some of the best OEMs in the business, including BYD, Motrec, and Columbia Vehicle Group. If you already serve as a dealer for these organizations, you can help your customers adopt these self-driving technologies as an additional revenue stream.

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Our Partners

Big Battery

Big Battery is the largest supplier of Lithium batteries and was created to provide affordable, attainable, and sustainable energy solutions worldwide. They also sell Titangreen forklifts.

Location: Chatsworth, California

Integrity Lift

Integrity Lift’s product inventory includes Heli and BYD forklifts, pallet jacks, and stackers that are durable and dependable to get the job done. In addition, they offer equipment rental and repair services.

Location: Wixom, MI

1 Source Material Handling

1 Source Material Handling is a consulting company that helps industrial organizations with warehouse systems, commercial doors, loading docs, and material handling equipment.

Location: Irwindale, CA


DriveMod Works on a Variety of Vehicle Types

Deliver materials to the right place at the right time — automatically.


Industry leading load capacity of 10,000 lbs. and intelligent pallet pocket detection that works with pallets of any size.


Automate hauling work flows like transferring goods and delivering supplies through complex commercial and industrial environments.


Rugged and maneuverable with 6,000 lbs. of towing capacity, our stock chaser works in both autonomous and manual modes.


Bring AV capabilities to your existing fleet through retrofits and launch additional revenue streams by bundling our AV technology.

With DriveMod, Your Clients Will —

  • Save Costs.

    Whether buying new stockchasers or retrofitting your existing fleet, DriveMod is the cost-effective AMR solution.

  • Launch Faster.

    Between the already-familiar stockchaser and the expertise of our implementation team, you'll be reaping the benefits of autonomy in no time.

  • Bring New Capabilities to Trusted Vehicles.

    It seems like everyone’s trying to build an AMR these days. But who knows how well they operate?


    Cyngn retrofits time-tested vehicles like the Columbia Stockchaser, so that our vehicles operate reliably from day one.

  • Improve Productivity.

    When you can shift workers away from driving over to more valuable tasks, your business accomplishes more with the same number of people.

    Our customers have seen immediate productivity gains of upwards of 33%, plus reduced labor costs.


Drivemod works how your clients work

Vehicles running DriveMod can start, stop, take commands, drive to different stations, and adjust to changing conditions on the ground.

Moreover, if their facility ever needs to adjust its layout or workflow, DriveMod can adapt. Although most organizations use DriveMod to program repeatable, autonomous loops, DriveMod can be customized to work exactly as needed.


Drivemod drives efficiency

DriveMod-enabled Stockchasers have been shown to increase productivity by 33% and achieve measurable ROI in just a few months.

When vehicles drive themselves, workers are free to focus on other high-value activities that will move your business forward.


Drivemod tells you everything you need to know

DriveMod comes equipped with Cyngn Insight, a suite of analytics tools and dashboards that give you broad operational visibility.

On one screen, for example, you can get a complete view of where your vehicles are, how they are being used, and how much battery is left. On another, you can plan and deploy missions that support your existing workflows.


See Our Autonomy in Action

"The bottom line is DriveMod has made us more productive. Instead of manually moving goods through the warehouse, our team can stay focused on picking, packing, and other high-value assignments."

Kenn Morris
Kenn Morris
VP at Global Logistics & Fulfillment

"Cyngn unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. We’re excited for increased profitability and to get to market faster than competitors."

Joseph Peterson
GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau